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Release Date: 10/11/2019 (GB)

Original Language    :    English
Release Date    :    10/11/2019 (GB)
Genre    :    Thriller
Time    :    01 Hours 39 Minutes
Budget    :    -
Revenue    :    -

Movie: Fractured-(2019)[568091] Driving cross-country, Ray and his wife and daughter stop at a highway rest area where his daughter falls and breaks her arm. After a frantic rush to the hospital and a clash with the check-in nurse, Ray is finally able to get her to a doctor. While the wife and daughter go downstairs for an MRI, Ray, exhausted, passes out in a chair in the lobby. Upon waking up, they have no record or knowledge of Ray's family ever being checked in.

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5

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Written by Gimly on December 28, 2019
When a movie holds a mystery, that's great, but when a movie just straight-up lies to you, that's crap. Fractured is the latter. Final rating:★½: - Boring/disappointing. Avoid where possible.

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