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Title : Ada... A Way of Life

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Romance

Cast : Ayaan Ahmad (Ayaan A Anand), Nauheed Cyrusi (Gul), Ayesha Jhulka (Amina A Anand), Rahul Roy (Professor Anil Anand), Milind Gunaji (D'Costa), Saurabh Dubey (Akram Bhai), Ashalata Wabgaonkar (Tai), Ajeeta Kulkarni (Gul's Mother), Mukesh Kumar (Bobby)

Movie Plot : Ada is the tale of Ayaan. Son of a noble human being Anil Anand, and a religious mother, Aamina, as he traverses life between crime and spiritual antecedents. The protagonist, Ayaan Anand embodies the trauma of moral certainties crumbling like sandcastles in the face of contemporary disarray. Ayaan's life is a search for wholeness, for values he can live and believe in, simultaneously. The conflicted character of Ayaan Anand is a modern tragedy as he becomes part of the criminal stream, even as he searches for the ultimate truth, the ultimate happiness. Ada is a film of moment, as it compels us to re-examine the youth-crime phenomenon in a very poignant and engaging story.

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