"Where the Sidewalk Ends" Full Movie

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Title : Where the Sidewalk Ends

Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Cast : Dana Andrews (Det. Sgt. Mark Dixon), Gene Tierney (Morgan Taylor), Gary Merrill (Tommy Scalise), Bert Freed (Det. Sgt. Paul Klein), Tom Tully (Jiggs Taylor), Karl Malden (Det. Lt. Thomas), Ruth Donnelly (Martha), Craig Stevens (Ken Paine), Fred Aldrich (Detective at Staff Meeting (uncredited)), Tom Coleman (Detective at Staff Meeting (uncredited)), Chuck Hamilton (Detective at Staff Meeting (uncredited)), Ian MacDonald (Detective Casey (uncredited)), John McGuire (Detective Gertessen (uncredited)), Clarence Straight (Detective (uncredited)), Robert Williams (Detective (uncredited)), Phil Tully (Det. Ted Benson, 16th Precinct (uncredited)), Don Appell (Willie Bender (uncredited)), Tony Barr (Hoodlum (uncredited)), John Daheim (Scalise Hoodlum (uncredited)), Neville Brand (Steve, Scalise Hood (uncredited)), Herbert Lytton (Joe, Scalise Hood (uncredited)), Lou Nova (Ernie, Scalise Hood (uncredited)), David Wolfe (Sid Kramer, Scalise Hood (uncredited)), Eddie Borden (Pool Hall Patron (uncredited)), 'Snub' Pollard (Pool Hall Patron (uncredited)), Barry Brooks (Thug (uncredited)), Ralph Brooks (Railroad Baggage Clerk (uncredited)), Oleg Cassini (Oleg the Fashion Designer (uncredited)), John Close (Hanson (uncredited)), Clancy Cooper (Police Desk Sergeant Murphy (uncredited)), Charles Tannen (Police Radio Dispatcher #79 (voice) (uncredited)), Charles Flynn (Policeman Schwartz (uncredited)), Ray Spiker (Policeman (uncredited)), Sayre Dearing (Man at Dice Table / Passerby (uncredited)), Bert Stevens (Passerby (uncredited)), Bob Evans (Sweatshirt (uncredited)), Robert Foulk (Fenney (uncredited)), Joseph Granby (Fat Man (uncredited)), Kathleen Hughes (Secretary (uncredited)), Lou Krugman (Mike Williams (uncredited)), Louise Lorimer (Mrs. Jackson (uncredited)), Eda Reiss Merin (Mrs. Shirley Klein (uncredited)), Grayce Mills (Mrs. Tribaum, Paine's Landlady (uncredited)), Harry von Zell (Mr. Morrison (uncredited)), David McMahon (Harrington (uncredited)), Peggy O'Connor (Model (uncredited)), Shirley Tegge (Model (uncredited)), Robert Patten (Medical Examiner (uncredited)), Stephen Roberts (Gilruth (uncredited)), Lester Sharpe (Friedman, Morgan's Employer (uncredited)), Robert F. Simon (Insp. Nicholas Foley (uncredited)), Larry Thompson (Riley (uncredited)), Chili Williams (Teddy (uncredited)), Mack Williams (Jerry Morris, Attorney (uncredited)), Anthony George (Scalise Hoodlum (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Tough NYC police detective Dixon misses out on a promotion because of his record of roughing up suspects. When he accidentally kills a suspect in a murder case he plants clues to absolve himself. But when the father of a woman he recently fell in love with is accused of the crime his plan looks like it's back firing.

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