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Title : The Absent One

Genre : Crime, Thriller, Mystery

Cast : Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Carl Mørck), Fares Fares (Assad), Søren Pilmark (Marcus Jacobsen), Danica Curcic (Kimmie), Pilou Asbæk (Ditlev Pram), David Dencik (Ulrik Dybbøl), Johanne Louise Schmidt (Rose), Sarah-Sofie Boussnina (Young Kimmie), Marco Ilsø (Ditlev som ung), Beate Bille (Thelma), Peter Christoffersen (Alberg), Michael Brostrup (Børge Bak), Morten Kirkskov (Lars Bjørn), Phillip Stilling (Ulrik som ung), Adam Ild Rohweder (Bjarne som ung), Anton Honik (Jesper), Kristian Høgh Jeppesen (Bjarne Thøgersen), Katrine Greis-Rosenthal (Tine), Hans Henrik Voetmann (Henning Jørgensen), Hans Henrik Clemensen (Bent Krum), Dan Zahle (Frank Helmond), Henning Valin Jakobsen (Klavs), Diana Axelsen (Kassandra), Zeev Sevik Perl (Milo), Kasper Løfvall Stensbirk (Præfekten), Peter Damm-Ottesen (Betjent i arkivet), Nikolaj Groth (Thomas), Katrine Bruun (Marie), Emma Sehested Høeg (Pigen i skoven), Marie Lydie Melono Nokouda (Nihla), Lars Thiesgaard (Griffenholm rektor), Elena Arndt-Jensen (Kimmies roommate), Martine Ølbye Hjejle (Pige på Griffenholm), Frederikke Thomassen (Pige 2 på Griffenholm), Jennifer Bülow (Rengøringsdame), Casper Steffensen (Pædagog på legeplads), Simon Papousek (Betjent 1), Stig Reggelsen Skjold (Betjent 2), Anders Budde (Betjent i Hennings lejlighed), Mads Rømer Brolin-Tani (Betjent i celle), Peder Bille (Tekniker i Albergs lejlighed), Klaus Barfod (Hjemløs mand), Hugo Holmblad (Ditlevs søn), Lillian Albeck (Posedame på hovedbanegården), Falke Mikailsen (Alkoholiker på hovedbanegården), Divya Das (Nyhedsvært)

Movie Plot : In 1994 two young twins are found brutally murdered in a summer cottage. A number of clues points in the direction of a group of young upper class students from a nearby boarding school, but the case is closed as a local outsider pleads guilty and is convicted for the murders. When the case ends up on Carls Mørck’s desk 20 years later, he soon realises that something is terribly wrong. As Carl and Assad start investigating the case, they are led on to an old emergency call from a desperate girl who seems to know the secrets of the murders. Soon they are plunged into an intense search for the girl, Kimmie, who has been missing since the murders happened. But Carl and Assad are not the only ones trying to track her down as the girl’s testimonial is of great danger to a group of influential men at the top of society who will do all they can to keep her silent.

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