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Title : Vaanam

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama

Cast : Silambarasan (Cable Raja), Bharath Niwas (Chakravarthy), Anushka Shetty (Saroja), Prakash Raj (Rahim), Sonia Agarwal (Zara Rahim), Vega Tamotia (Laasya), Santhanam (Seenu), Jasmin Bhasin (Priya), Radha Ravi (Police Officer), Saranya Ponvannan (Lakshmi), VTV Ganesh ("Bajna" Ganesh), Brahmanandam (Bhairavan)

Movie Plot : Vaanam features five different stories of five different characters. All five stories run in parallel at a time and they meet at a point to find a solution which forms the climax. Cable Raja who works as a cable operator is a happy go lucky chap who aspires to become rich by marrying a rich girl Pooja. A sex worker Saroja , who is run away from a brothel house and plans to lead her own life.Chakravarthy who is not interested in joining army though he has comes from a army background family is aims to become a famous rock star and Chakravarthy starts his journey with his friends to give a live performance. Prakash Raj and his wife Zara gets discriminated for being a Muslim and plans to leave for Dubai to make a living out there. Lakshmi is desperate to get funds for her son studies and also has some debts to be cleared. As fate has it, all these characters are present in the private hospital, a group of terrorists attack the hospital.

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