"Hotdog Casserole" Full Movie

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Title : Hotdog Casserole

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Brandon DiCamillo (Glen Butler), Rake Yohn (Lex Tanner), Felissa Rose (Vicky), David Bottaro (Dance Instructor), Deron Miller (Butcher), Chris Raab (Himself)

Movie Plot : Webby Butler (Gabe Staino) has recently married his third future ex-wife. After two messy divorces and foolishly squandering his fortune away through an addiction to online poker, Webby tries to keep his problems with the IRS from his money hungry wife Vicky (Felissa Rose). Glen Butler (Brandon DiCamillo) has known of his father's money troubles for months, bu hides it from his adopted sister Melody(Jillian Raab) and step brother Liam (Cole Cugini) in attempts to keep the family together. Meanwhile, famous stuntman, Lex Tanner (Rake Yohn) has arrived in town to perform his newest, deadliest stunt. Who will be lucky enough to attend the daring festivities? Witness as the Butler family faces overwhelming complications, awkward mishaps, and unbelievable heartache throughout their chaotic day.

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