"You Again" Full Movie

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Title : You Again

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Cast : Kristen Bell (Marni), Sigourney Weaver (Aunt Ramona), Betty White (Grandma Bunny), Kristin Chenoweth (Georgia King), Odette Annable (Joanna), Jamie Lee Curtis (Gail), Christine Lakin (Taylor), Cloris Leachman (Helen), James Wolk (Will), Victor Garber (Mark), Kyle Bornheimer (Tim), Sean Wing (Charlie), Patrick Duffy (Richie Phillips), Ashley Fink (Sunday), Henry G. Sanders (Chaplain), Brytni Sarpy (Marcia), Dwayne Johnson (Air Marshall (Uncredited))

Movie Plot : History -- make that high school -- may repeat itself when Marni learns that Joanna, the mean girl from her past, is set to be her sister-in-law. Before the wedding bells toll, Marni must show her brother that a tiger doesn't change its stripes. On Marni's side is her mother, while Joanna's backed by her wealthy aunt.

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