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Title : A Chinese Tall Story

Genre : Action, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Cast : Nicholas Tse (Tripitaka), Charlene Choi (Yue Meiyan), Fan Bingbing (Princess Xiaoshan), Chen Bolin (Sun Wukong), Kenny Kwan (Pig Monk Zhu Wuneng/Piggy), Steven Cheung (Sand Monk Sha Wujing), Isabella Leong (Red Child), Yuen Wah (Lord Chancellor Tortoise), Kara Hui (Cool Ping), Gordon Liu Chia-Hui (Jade Emperor), Patrick Tam (One of Five Great Sect), Wong Yat-Fei (One of Five Great Sect), Lee Kin-Yan (Green Snake ,one of Five Great Sect), Wayne Lai (Lizard King), Shirley Dai (Lizard Queen), Cheng Kai-Yan (Lizard Girl), Mo Jan-Sou (Dragon King)

Movie Plot : The young monk Taka and his three disciples are captured by a demonic tree. Taka manages to escape thanks to the magic stick of Monkey King and decided to go free his companions. En route, he encounters a strange ally called Meiyan, a girl who is half-human and half monster. As Taka and his new friend set off on a fantastic adventure they will face many hardships and battles and may very well decide the fate of humanity and the entire universe...

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