"Dead Clowns" Full Movie

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Title : Dead Clowns

Genre : Horror

Cast : Lucien Eisenach (Spree Killer / Clown), Jeff Samford (Lou), Eric Spudic (Timmy / Clown), Debbie Rochon (Tormented Woman), Brinke Stevens (Lillian), Jeff Dylan Graham (Night Watchman), Robyn Griggs (Camille), Kimberly L. Cole (Councilwoman)

Movie Plot : The residents of Port Emmett prepare for a hurricane that will churn up a 50-year-old secret, awakening an army of zombie clowns. Left to die after a circus train accident, the clowns rise from their muddy graves to get revenge. The guilty can run, but they can't hide from the truth -- or the undead.

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