"Azzurro" Full Movie

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Title : Azzurro

Genre :

Cast : Paolo Villaggio (Giuseppe De Metrio), Francesca Pipoli (Carla De Metrio), Marie-Christine Barrault (Elizabeth Broyer), Jean-Luc Bideau (Gaston Broyer), Renato Scarpa (Giorgio), Julien Boisselier (Pascal Broyer), Antonio Petrocelli (Roberto De Metrio), Soraya Gomaa (Lucia De Metrio), Tom Novembre (Philippe), Graziano Giusti (Prof. Papaleo), Anna Ferruzzo (Female Nurse)

Movie Plot : 75-year-old Giuseppe De Metrio has spent 30 years in Geneva, as foreign worker for the Broyer company. Upon retirement, he returned to Puglia, Italy, where his family had continued to live. His only grandchild, 7-year-old Carla, is blind. The whole family looks forward hopefully to the day when Carla's sight can be restored by means of a cornea transplantation. After a heart attack, Giuseppe decides to wait no longer and returns to Switzerland to ask his former boss Mr. Broyer for the money necessary for the operation, as an old promise binds the two men. Intended as a 48-hour trip, Giuseppe and Carla's visit in Switzerland becomes a journey that both grandfather and granddaughter never dreamt of...

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