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Title : La dilettante

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Catherine Frot (Pierrette Dumortier), Sébastien Cotterot (Eric), Barbara Schulz (Nathalie), Christian Morin (Edmond Rambert), Marie-Christine Barrault (Thérèse Rambert), Odette Laure (Zoé de la Tresmondière), Sophie Forte (la secrétaire de la directrice), Jean Desailly (Edmond Thibault), Clément Thomas (l'avocat de Pierrette), Jean-François Balmer (), Jacques Dacqmine (M. Delaunay)

Movie Plot : Pierrette is a woman who describes herself as having "opted for the temporary on a permanent basis." After 15 years of living the good life in Switzerland, Pierrette one day packs her bags full of fashionable outfits and returns to her native Paris with no idea of what she'll do. Pierette, however, leads a charmed life; while her son is forced to work the graveyard shift at a factory due to poor job prospects, she's able to find a job right away at a high school. Pierrette soon reintroduces herself to her 23-year-old daughter and one-time best friend, trying to use her charm to skate over years of neglect. She just as suddenly finds a new beau, Ackerman, and starts helping him out with his antique business. However, what would seem like a simple matter -- buying a clock from an elderly woman -- soon turns out to be very complicated and fraught with consequence.

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