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Title : Airspeed

Genre : Adventure, Action

Cast : Joe Mantegna (Raymond Stone), Elisha Cuthbert (Nicole Stone), Bronwen Booth (Andrea Prescott), Lynne Adams (Marylin Stone), Russell Yuen (Mark), Gordon Masten (Frank), Don Jordan (Pilot Greg), Martin Lacroix (Co-Pilot Terry), Yvan Ponton (Lee 'Bickster' Biquette), Charles Powell (Jeff, A.T.C.), Larry Day (Donovan), Mélany Goudreau (Carrie), Roc LaFortune (Captain Lopez), Jason Cavalier (Steiger), Stéphane Lefebvre (Reynolds)

Movie Plot : When wealthy executive Raymond Stone sends out his private plane to pick up his spoiled teenage daughter, Nicole, and a pair of his top-ranking employees, disaster strikes. While the jet flies through an electrical storm, the pilot and other passengers are incapacitated, and Nicole is left on her own to keep the plane in the air, guided by an air traffic controller. Can the irresponsible and panic-stricken teen find a way to land the jet?

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