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Title : Eyes Full of Sun

Genre : Romance, Drama

Cast : Renaud Verley (Vincent), Florence Lafuma (Genevieve), Bernard Le Coq (Bernard), Janet Ågren (Monika), Martine Sarcey (Jeanne), Jean Ferniot (Jacques), Catherine Sola (Jane)

Movie Plot : Vincent, a twenty-five year-old intern, lives in Rennes with his mother and his eighteen-year-old brother Bernard. In order to cheer up Bernard who has just failed his baccalauréat exam, the father invites him and his older brother to spend a holiday in his villa in Morocco, where he lives estranged from his ex-wife. Vincent and and Bernard decide to get there by sailboat, accompanied by Geneviève, Vincent's fiancée. Vincent, who has never forgiven his father for leaving him when he was a child, remains hostile and withdrawn. Once in Agadir, they take part in a regatta during which Bernard gets to know Monika, a sexy uninhibited girl. But Monika is actually attracted to Vincent who, despite his dislike for any compromise of principle, finds himself torn between two women. Written by Guy Bellinger

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