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Title : The Illiac Passion

Genre : Drama

Cast : Richard Beauvais (Prometheus), David Beauvais (Prometheus' Conscience), Robert Alvarez (Narcissus), Taylor Mead (The Demon or Sprite), Sheila Gary (Echo), Peggy Murray (The Muse), Tom Venturi (Hyacinthus), Tally Brown (Venus), Kenneth King (Adonis), Gerard Malanga (Ganymede), Jan Chippman (Eurydice), Andy Warhol (Poseidon), Phillip Klass (Daedalus), Margot Brier (Pandora), Paul Swan (Zeus), Wayne Weber (Icarus), Carlos Anduze (Hades), Stella Dundas (The Moon Goddess), John Dowd (Endymion), Philip Merker (Apollo), Beverly Grant (Persephone), Clara Hoover (Io), Gregory Battcock (Phaeton), Philip Fagan (Cupid), Gregory J. Markopoulos (Narrator / The Filmmaker), Jack Smith (Orpheus)

Movie Plot : Prometheus, on an Odyssean journey, crosses the Brooklyn Bridge in search of the characters of his imagination. After meeting the Muse, he proceeds to the "forest." There, under an apple tree, he communes with his selves, represented by celebrated personages from the New York "underground scene" who appear as modern correlatives to the figures of Greek mythology. The filmmaker, who narrates the situations with a translation of Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound , finds the personalities of his characters to have a timeless universality.

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