"Bedroom Eyes II" Full Movie

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Title : Bedroom Eyes II

Genre : Thriller

Cast : Wings Hauser (Harry Ross), Kathy Shower (Carolyn Ross), Linda Blair (Sophie Stevens), Veronica Hart (JoBeth McKenna), Joe Giardina (Vinnie Fasano), Kevin Thomsen (Matthew Sotto), Jennifer Delora (Gwendolyn), Harvey Siegel (Detective Briar), Stan Schwartz (Detective Mitouski), Allen Lewis Rickman (Dr. Eddie Larson), Kimberly Taylor (Michelle), Laura Lemle (Nico), Maraya Chase (Karen), Haskell Phillips (Bob), Tina Feaster (Passing Woman), Vincent J. Mazella (Criminal #4)

Movie Plot : This sequel to 1986's Bedroom Eyes is the mixture as before, with Wings Hauser replacing the first film's star Kenneth Gilman. Once again, stockbroker Hauser begins succumbing to his chronic voyeurism. And also once again, his obsession gets him mixed up in a murder.

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