"Lost Angels" Full Movie

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Title : Lost Angels

Genre : Drama

Cast : Donald Sutherland (Dr. Charles Loftis), Adam Horovitz (Tim 'Chino' Doolan), Amy Locane (Cheryl Anderson), Don Bloomfield (Andy 'Natas' Doolan), Celia Weston (Felicia Doolan Marks), Graham Beckel (Richard Doolan), Patricia Richardson (Cheryl's Mother), Ron Frazier (Barton Marks), Joe D'Angerio (Sweeney), William O'Leary (Link), Kevin Corrigan (Gata), Gary Riley (Spooky), Mick Cunningham (D.A.B. Kid (as Michael Cunningham)), Leonard Porter Salazar (Paco), Jonathan Del Arco (Angel), Eddie Hernandez II (10 St. Boy), Celia Newman (Paco's Girl), David Herman (Carlo), Max Perlich (Frankie), Gino De Mauro (Barry), Nina Siemaszko (Merilee), Shana O'Neil (Jenny), Dana Behr (Anita), Mary Greening (Mary), Kevin Tighe (Dr. Gaeyl), John C. McGinley (Dr. Farmer), Jane Hallaren (Grace Willig), Peter Maloney (Dr. Peter Ames), Lee Wilkof (Ted Bingham), James N. Harrell (Shelby), Constance Shulman (Beautician), Marjie Rynearson (Receptionist), Frances Fisher (Judith Loftis), Jack Gold (Judge), Keone Young (Atty. Victor Eng), Park Overall (Richard Doolan's Girlfriend), Henry R. Harris (Juvenile Hall Policeman), Fredric Arnold (Atty. Fred Shay), Diane Perella (Woman at Felicia and Barton's Party), Babetta George (Woman at Felicia and Barton's Party), Sharmon Anciola (Charles Loftis' Daughter), Brian Beery (Kid #1), Matt Chapman (Kid #2), Pauly Shore (Kid #3), James Raddin (Kid on Phone), Jason Tirado (Field Policeman), William Steis (Field Policeman), Tom Patton (Field Policeman), Gordon Michaels (Bartender), Andrew J. Bley (Student), John Dichter (Policeman), Maribel Lizarraga (Student), Larry Gregory Nelson (District Attorney)

Movie Plot : Rich L.A. party brat Tim spins into a cycle of despair after his parents divorce, and trying to fill the void with drugs and trouble only buys him a ticket to an asylum. But with the help of a psychiatrist who has taken an interest in him, will Tim try to pull himself out of the muck of teenage rebellion and ennui?

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