"Cuchillos de Fuego" Full Movie

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Title : Cuchillos de Fuego

Genre : Drama

Cast : Gabriel Fernández (), Miguelangel Landa (), Pedro Lander (), Nathalia Martinez (), Marisela Berti (), Dora Mazzone (), Charles Barry (), Javier Fernandez (), Gabriel Martínez (), Jonathan Montenegro (), Carlos Carreño (), Ivelisse Velasco (), Martha Anette (), Raúl Medina (), Ricardo Fabrequez (), Lily Álvarez Sierra (), William Moreno ()

Movie Plot : Version of the play "Todo bicho de uña". It tells the story of revenge. The tour of the Andean, for ten years, a young man in search of the rapist and murderer of his mother, takes us into the underworld strata fairs and circuses villagers.

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