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Title : School Daze

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Cast : Samuel L. Jackson (Leeds), Laurence Fishburne (Dap), Giancarlo Esposito (Julian), Tisha Campbell-Martin (Jane Toussaint), Ossie Davis (Coach Odom), Joe Seneca (President McPherson), Art Evans (Cedar Cloud), Ellen Holly (Odrie McPherson), Bill Nunn (Grady), Spike Lee (Darrell "Half-Pint" Dunlap), Kyme (Rachel Meadows), Joie Lee (Lizzie Life), Jasmine Guy (Dina), Cassi Davis (Paula), Gregg Burge (Virgil Cloyd), Kasi Lemmons (Perry), Branford Marsalis (Jordan)

Movie Plot : In the South of the United States are taking place confrontations between two groups of students who have different ideas and are not able to accept the one of the oponent.

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