"Let's Have a Baby" Full Movie

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Title : Let's Have a Baby

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Alex Man Chi-Leung (Peter Mui Te Sang), Pat Ha (Yuan Kwun), Tanny Tien-Ni (Yuan Kwun's mother), Poon Chun-wai (Dr Wai Siao Bao), Charlie Cho (Dr. Charlie Cho), Cheng Siu-Ping (Ping), Tam Yat-Ching (Mr Wong), Yip Ha-Lei (Peter's father), Angela Mak (Brenda Lau Yuk Mui), Chan Pak-San (Mrs Linda Wong's lover), Yu Miu-Lin (Cleaning lady), Fung Ging-Man (Chor Liao Heung), Tang Yuk-Wing (Brother Gu Long), Ho Pak-Kwong (Delivers noodles)

Movie Plot : A charming tale of child-creating complications, featuring a rare comedic performance by Alex Man Chi-leung.

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