"The Imp" Full Movie

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Title : The Imp

Genre : Horror

Cast : Charlie Chin (Cheung Ging-Keung), Kent Cheng (Fatty), Dorothy Yu Yee-Ha (Lan), Elliot Ngok (Geomancer Chiu Dan-Yeung), Hui Bing-Sam (Little Ting), Jim Sam Sing-Tak (), Wong Ching (Mr HK), Wong Chung (Detective), Chan Shen (Old Uncle Han), Fung Ging-Man (Secuirty manager), Eric Yeung Jan-Yiu (Doctor), Cheung Ka-Wai (), Johnston Wong Chan-Sin (Office worker)

Movie Plot : Keung has a pregnant wife but he has been unemployed for a long period. One day he gets a new job as a security guard in a commercial building. But strange incidents start happening and his colleagues die in horrible ways one by one. A geomancer tells Keung that he will be the next victim and teaches him how to avoid his fate. But Keung begins to notice his wife's strange behaviour...

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