"Island of 1000 Delights" Full Movie

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Title : Island of 1000 Delights

Genre : Crime, Drama

Cast : Olivia Pascal (Peggy), Elisa Servier (Sylvia), Bea Fiedler (Julia), LilĂ­ Murati (Lady Henriette), Arthur Brauss (Howard), Benjamin Paul (), Otto Retzer (), Aline Mess (Francie), Philippe Garnier (Michael), Roger Clency (), Scarlett Gunden (), Antje Schnell ()

Movie Plot : Bea Fiedler and Olivia Pascal star in this erotic tale set against the backdrop of the sun soaked Seychelles, and detailing the situation that arises when an incurable gambling addict loses his wife in a wager with a casino owner who runs a secret white slave trade ring.

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