"The Dirty Outlaws" Full Movie

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Title : The Dirty Outlaws

Genre : Western

Cast : Andrea Giordana (Steve), Rosemary Dexter (Katy), Franco Giornelli (Asher), Dana Ghia (Lucy), Aldo Berti (Gionata), Giovanni Petrucci (Rico), John Bartha (Wallace), Piero Lulli (Sam), Giuseppe Castellano (One-armed Soldier)

Movie Plot : The Dirty Outlaws, also known as Big Ripoff, King of the West and The Desperado (in original Italian, El desperado), is a 1967 Italian spaghetti western starring Chip Corman. An outlaw masquerades as a blind man's son in order to trick him into a cache of Gold. After a while he grows attached to the family and all goes well until the outlaws gang comes through town...

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