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Title : The Witches

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast : Silvana Mangano (Lady, Assurda Cai, Nunzia, Giovanna), Annie Girardot (Valeria), Massimo Girotti (Sportsman), Elsa Albani (Gossip), Clint Eastwood (Husband), Alberto Sordi (Truck Driver), Totò (Ciancicato Miao), Francisco Rabal (Valeria's Husband), Véronique Vendell (Young Girl Friend), Helmut Berger (Young man at Hotel), Nora Ricci (Gloria's secretary), Ninetto Davoli (Baciu Miao), Marilù Tolo (Kellnerin), Clara Calamai (), Laura Betti (), Luigi Leoni (), Valentino Macchi (), Corinne Fontaine (), Armando Bottin (), Gianni Gori (), Paolo Gozlino (), Angelo Maria Santiamantini (), Pietro Torrisi (), Ennio Antonelli (), Veriano Ginesi (), Maria Tedeschi (Ugo!Ugo mio!), Tina Lattanzi (Mario!Luigino!!)

Movie Plot : Five short stories loosely dealing with the roles of women in society. A superstar actress travels to a mountain resort, only to evoke jealousy from women and lust from men. A woman offers to take an injured man to the hospital. A widowed father and his son seek for a new wife/mother. A man seeks revenge for a woman's honor. A bored housewife tries to explain to her husband that he's not as romantic as he used to be.

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