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Title : Le Doulos

Genre : Drama, Action, Thriller, Crime

Cast : Jean-Paul Belmondo (Silien), Serge Reggiani (Maurice Faugel), Jean Desailly (The Superintendant Clain), René Lefèvre (Gilbert Varnove), Marcel Cuvelier (A police inspector), Philippe March (Jean), Fabienne Dali (Fabienne), Monique Hennessy (Therese), Carl Studer (Kern), Christian Lude (The Doctor), Jacques De Leon (Armand), Jacques Léonard (A police inspector), Philippe Nahon (Remy), Charles Bayard (Old Man), Paulette Breil (Anita), Michel Piccoli ()

Movie Plot : A stone-faced Jean-Paul Belmondo stars as enigmatic gangster Silien, who may or may not be responsible for squealing on Faugel (Serge Reggiani), just released from the slammer and already involved in what should have been a simple heist. By the end of this brutal, twisting, and multilayered policier, who will be left to trust?

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