"Sailor Beware" Full Movie

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Title : Sailor Beware

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Dean Martin (Al Crowthers), Jerry Lewis (Melvin Jones), Corinne Calvet (Corinne Calvet), Marion Marshall (Hilda Jones), Robert Strauss (CPO Lardoski), Leif Erickson (Cmdr. Lane), Don Wilson (Mr. Chubby), Vince Edwards (Blayden (as Vincent Edwards)), Skip Homeier (Mac), James Dean (Boxing Opponent's Second (uncredited)), Dan Barton ('Bama), Mike Mahoney (Tiger), Mary Treen (Ginger), Betty Hutton (Hetty Button (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Meeting in a navy recruiting line, Al Crowthers and Melvin Jones become friends. Al has tried to enlist before, but was always rejected. He keeps trying so that he can impress women. Melvin, is allergic to women's cosmetics and his doctor prescribed ocean travel, so he decided to join the navy.

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