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Title : Marie-Louise

Genre : Drama, War

Cast : Josiane Hegg (Marie-Louise Fleury), Heinrich Gretler (Director Rüegg), Margrit Winter (Anna Rüegg), Anne-Marie Blanc (Heidi Rüegg), Armin Schweizer (Bänninger), Mathilde Danegger (Päuli), Fred Tanner (Robert Scheibli), Emil Gerber (Ernst Schwarzenbach), Bernard Ammon (André), Germaine Tournier (Mrs. Fleury)

Movie Plot : The titular Marie-Louise is a young French lass who is evacuated to Switzerland when her country is overrun by the Nazis. Suffering a nervous breakdown, she is given comfort and shelter by a wealthy family. Unfortunately, living in the lap of luxury turns Marie-Louise into a spoiled brat, so much so that she refuses to return to her newly-liberated homeland. Eventually the girl comes to her senses, but it isn't easy.

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