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Title : Song of Nevada

Genre : Western

Cast : Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), Dale Evans (Joan Barrabee), Mary Lee (Kitty Hanley), Lloyd Corrigan (Professor Hanley), Trigger (Trigger, Roy's Horse), Thurston Hall (John Barrabee), John Eldredge (Rollo Bingham), Forrest Taylor (Colonel Jack Thompson), George Meeker (Chris Calahan), Emmett Vogan (Master of Ceremonies), LeRoy Mason (Ferguson), Bob Nolan (Bob)

Movie Plot : When John Barrabbee's plane makes an emergency landing, he wanders off and joins Roy's cattle drive. Later he learns he was killed when his plane resumed its flight and crashed. He also learns his daughter is going to sell his ranch and marry a man he dislikes. So he gives Roy a job on the ranch and sends him off to see if he can prevent both of these events while he remains in hiding. Written by Maurice VanAuken Western girl moves east and influenced badly by her snobby fiance. She returns to sell her deceased father's ranch. The father isn't really dead, though; he's hoping that his friend Roy can restore the girl's western values. Songs include "New Moon Over Nevada," "A Cowboy has to Yodel in the Morning," and "The Harum Scarum Baron of the Harmonium." Written by Ed Stephan

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