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Title : The Secret of Dr. Kildare

Genre : Drama

Cast : Lew Ayres (Dr. James 'Jimmy' Kildare), Lionel Barrymore (Dr. Leonard Barry Gillespie), Lionel Atwill (Paul Messenger), Helen Gilbert (Nancy Messenger), Nat Pendleton (Joe Wayman), Laraine Day (Nurse Mary Lamont), Sara Haden (Nora), Samuel S. Hinds (Dr. Stephen Kildare), Emma Dunn (Mrs. Martha Kildare), Walter Kingsford (Dr. S.J. Carew), Grant Mitchell (John Xerxes Archley), Alma Kruger (Head Nurse Molly Byrd), Robert Kent (Charles Herron), Marie Blake (Sally - Telephone Operator), Martha O'Driscoll (Mrs. Roberts), Nell Craig (Nurse 'Nosey' Parker), George Reed (Conover), Frank Orth (Mike Sullivan), Walter Baldwin (Finch), Don Barry (Collins - Intern), George Chandler (Pay Orderly), Tom Collins (Dr. Joiner), Alec Craig (Telephone Repair Man), Byron Foulger (Hospital Attendant), Mitchell Lewis (Adam - Nora's Gardener), Matt McHugh (Messenger's Chauffeur), Emory Parnell (Policeman on Gaylor Ave.), William Tannen (Bates - Intern), Joe Yule (Lunch Room Counterman)

Movie Plot : Intern Kildare (Lew Ayres) heals a millionaire's daughter and tricks Dr. Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore) into taking a vacation.

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