"Goodbye Broadway" Full Movie

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Title : Goodbye Broadway

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Alice Brady (Molly Malloy), Charles Winninger (Pat Malloy), Tom Brown (Chuck Bradford), Dorothea Kent (Jeanne Carlyle), Frank Jenks (Harry Clark), Jed Prouty (J.A. Higgins), Willie Best (Jughead), Donald Meek (Iradius P. Oglethorpe), Henry Roquemore (Henry Swanzey)

Movie Plot : Pat and Molly Malloy, once famed vaudeville and Broadway performers, arrive to play the small town of Hamilton, Conn. with a troupe of dancers, singers, a trained dog and an educated seal. Harry Clark, the clerk at the rundown Swanzey Hotel, insults Pat and the latter uses the $4000, that he and Molly have been saving for years to buy a retirement farm, to buy the hotel so he can fire Harry. Local skinflint, J.A. Higgins wants the hotel as he knows the state has intentions to buy it for a museum, but Pat won't sell.

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