"The Man Who is Talked About" Full Movie

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Title : The Man Who is Talked About

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Heinz Rühmann (Toni Mathis), Hans Moser (Martin, Tonis Onkel), Theo Lingen (Diener Haßler), Gusti Huber (Bianca Zaratti), Heinz Salfner (Zirkusdirektor Zarratti), Gerhard Bienert (Dompteur Carasso), Reinhold Häussermann (Clown)

Movie Plot : The Man Who is Talked About is the overly agreeable Toni Mathis (Heinz Ruhmann), a gent constitutionally incapable of saying the word "no" (or "nein," this being a German picture). Though he'd rather breeze through life without responsibilities or obligations, Toni agrees to study zoology in college because his uncle (Hans Moser) wants him to. Alas, despite the Herculean efforts by Toni's servant Hassler (Theo Lingen) to prepare his master for his final exams, Toni forgets to show up for the finals and is expelled post-haste. In desperation, his uncle arranges for Toni to get married, and once again our hero just can't say no. Trouble is, he falls in love with trapeze artist Bianca (Gusti Huber), whose father won't let her marry anyone except another entertainer. Undaunted, Toni studies a book on show business and tries out for the vaudeville stage, and the picture isn't even halfway over yet!

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