"Captain January" Full Movie

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Title : Captain January

Genre : Comedy, Family

Cast : Shirley Temple (Helen 'Star' Mason), Guy Kibbee (Captain January), Slim Summerville (Captain Nazro), Buddy Ebsen (Paul Roberts), Sara Haden (Agatha Morgan), Jane Darwell (Mrs. Eliza Croft), June Lang (Mary), Jerry Tucker (Cyril Morgan), Nella Walker (Mrs. Mason), George Irving (John Mason), Si Jenks (Old Sailor), William Benedict (Telegram Delivery Boy), Frank Darien (Slocum), Mary MacLaren (Governess), Geneva Sawyer (Maid), Jim Farley (Deputy Sheriff (as James Farley))

Movie Plot : Shirley lives with a lighthouse keeper (Kibbee) who rescued her when her parents drowned. A truant officer (Haden) decides she should go to boarding school, but she's rescued by relatives. Buddy Ebsen dances "At The Codfish Ball" with Shirley.

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