"The Black Coin" Full Movie

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Title : The Black Coin

Genre : Action, Adventure

Cast : Ralph Graves (Agent Walter Prescott), Ruth Mix (Agent Dorothy Dale), Dave O'Brien (Terry Navarro), Constance Bergen (Virginia Caswell), Matthew Betz (Henry Jensen), Robert Frazer (James Hackett), 'Snub' Pollard (Vic Moran), Robert Walker (Capt. 'Shark' Malone), Bryant Washburn (Frank Caswell), Clara Kimball Young (Donna Luise Navarro), Josef Swickard (Don Pedro Navarro), Blackie Whiteford (Quinn McGuire), Yakima Canutt (Ed McMahan)

Movie Plot : Government agents try to thwart smugglers, while some sort of plot unfolds, about a hidden treasure revealed by cursed coins.

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